Revised: 2023-11-21
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Revision History

2023-11-21    Information on retirement and discontinuance of production.
2023-05-31    Our old (normal) e-mail address has already worked for some time. Now also these WEB pages have been restored.
2023-05-31    Important note regarding inoperativeness of our e-mail address. See the home or contacts page for more information.
2022-11-22    Additional material for the AVS-48SI includes now complete circuit schematics of the measuring bridge section.
2022-02-23    The AVS-48SI user guide updated to 1r49 for LV application and firmware version 1r70.
The AVS47-Serial/USB-W Converter user guide updated to 1r35. This version contains information for using the converter with old AVS-47 and AVS-47A bridges.
2020-10-09    Major update with changes to many pages. The AVS47-Serial/USB-W Converter user guide was updated.
2020-07-07    New version 1R45 of the AVS-48SI manual for use with firmware version 1R5 and LabView program version 2R10. The paper "All Serial Commands.pdf" has also been updated.
2020-02-12    New version 1R44 of the AVS-48SI manual for use with firmware version 1R4 and LabView program version 2R10. Updated version of "All Serial Commands.pdf".
One unused AVS-47B and its optional computer interfaces has become available.
2018-12-26    Discontinuation of the AVS-47B Resistance Bridge.
2018-12-26    Version 1r40 of the AVS-48SI User Guide. This manual is for firmware 1r24 and version 2r10
2018-11-26    Version 1r33 of the AVS-47SI User Guide. Version number was dropped away from the filename for easier maintaining of the pages. The name is now "avs48si_user_guide.pdf".
2018-06-12    Version 1R3 of AVS47-Serial/USB-W user guide.
2018-04-13    Version 1R32_180412 of AVS-48SI user guide.
2018-03-19    New versions of AVS-48SI user guide and brochure. New application note "Confidence in Cryogenic Resistance Thermometry". Discontinuation of AVS47-IB production.
2017-09-21    New corrected version 1R30 of the AVS-48SI user guide has links for easier reading.
2017-09-21    New version of the AVS-48SI User Guide.
2017-03-30    The Model AVS-48LVA is replaced by AVS-48SI, which does not require a Windows-PC running LabView.
2016-08-19    The structure of this site has been modified. Many pages and files are in new places and new products have been added. Please check your possible direct links.

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