Revised: 2022-02-23
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AVS-47B AC Resistance Bridge

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Production has been discontinued

Please visit the AVS-48SI pages. In addition to continued service, following material is available for the existing AVS-47 bridges.

AVS-47B Latest Instruction Manual
See the support page for older manuals.

Available Options for Computer Interfacing

AVS-47B Configurations     Short-form guide to interfacing solutions

Galvanic Interfacing
USB-Picobus User Guide     No-cost standard interface for Windows-PC with LabView™
AVS47-Serial/USB-W Brochure     Serial Interface for USB or RS232
AVS47-Serial/USB-W User Guide
AVS47-IB (Discontinued, few units available)     GPIB Interface

Optical Interfacing
AVS47-Picolink User Guide    Fibre Link for Standard USB-Picobus Interface
AVS47-Serial/USB-F Brochure     Serial Interface with Fibre Link
AVS47-Serial/USB-F User Guide
AVS47IB-Picolink User Guide

AVS-47B Circuit Schematics and Layouts
Comparison of AVS-48SI and AVS-47B

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